Keep the Fashion is a family-owned business online. Our brand is designed in Sweden and aims for stylish and eco-friendly clothing with a classic cut. The models will remain, while colours, patterns and decorations changes. If you will find a model you like, you can later find the same garment but with a new, fresh look.  

To us it is important that both environment and people are well taken cared of in all parts of the production. The fabric we use will always be a good environmental choice. We will, as far as possible, try to find organic fabrics and accessories (except Limited Edition). All our garments will always be of the highest quality.

The clothes are being sewn in Europe so that the transports can be kept short and where all co-workers have good working conditions. Our office is based in our home in Frändefors, Sweden. If you would like to pick your clothes up here instead of having them sent to your home, your Welcome. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail so that we know you are coming.

Limited Editions

As a part of our environmental policy, we make clothes out of remnants which otherwise will only be left lying and finally burnt. We check the fabrics and they will be of the same quality as the other fabrics we use. These remnants will rarely be eco-friendly, but we still think that there is a major environmental gain to use them. The Limited Edition garments will be sewn at the same time as the other garments of the same model. These clothes will vary a great deal and occasionally there will only be a few of each item. Keep your eyes open if you like unique clothing!


Many of our clothes will be cut and sewn together in more places than usual practice, not only because it makes beautiful pieces of clothing, but also in order to use more of the fabric and avoid unnecessary waste. Environmental thinking in every step.


We are also trying to avoid unnecessary waste by not sending any extra buttons with the garments. Should you need an extra button, let us know and we will send you one.

Body Measurements – Size Guide

When sewing our garments, we are using these body measures in cm: 

Chest with84889296100104
Waist with677074788286
Bottom with8689929599103

Free Returns in Sweden

In order for you to try on clothes in the quiet of your own home, you may return your order free of charge. Use the return label that came with you order and contact us at so that we know you are returning an item and why. Shipping from other countries we charge a small fee.


E-mail or dial 0046-(0)707 280157.

Our Team

Veronica Groth – the owner who makes things happen

Carl-Göran Groth – the owner with the bookkeeping skills

Lena Zimmerman –pattern maker

Alexandra Tyllman Svensson - model

Environmental Advice

–     Add a cap of white distilled vinegar to the final rinse when you are doing your laundry. By doing this you can avoid using softeners with unnecessary chemicals and still get soft clothes. It will not leave an odour.

–     Try to wash your clothes with Soap Nuts instead of your usual detergent. Works as a charm.

–     To remove stains; sprinkle some baking soda and a few drops of white distilled vinegar on the stain, and it will dissolve.

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